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Mike Turner

Looking across the stage and seeing Mike playing and singing always made me feel good. It was a friendship that started in 1973 when I would drive down to Montgomery from Nashville on the weekends just to hear him play.   He was the funkiest B3 player that I had ever heard play and his vocal was so on point every time. Later on we traveled a lot of miles together up and down the east coast and all across the south working many,less than desirable gigs but I always wound up having fun because of Mike! I caught the biggest fish I’ve ever caught with him in the middle of a pouring rainstorm in a small boat in my Dads pond one day because he was sure if we kept on fishing we were gonna catch a big one! That was his optimism that was always an inspiration! Playing with him the last three years in the Pickers has been a blast! Now I’m on my way to the church to pay my respect to my dear friend.

Photo by: Lyndon Jackson photography

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